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Georgia: Seven years ago there was a war

August 08, 2015 Tatjana Montik Report from the unrecognized border Today marks seven years since the beginning of the Russian-Georgian war, a few days blitzkrieg the consequences of which extend far beyond the borders of Georgia and now resound in…

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On (Self-) Control or A way to learn letting go

Have you ever thought about it? Our fear of certain upside-down yoga poses is similar to our fear of, say, a parachute jump or a commonplace fear of shots.   I wonder, if you are afraid of anesthesia. I personally…

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How My Children Led Me to Practice Real Yoga

Or Notes of a Yogini Mother Appeared in: Before my first child was born I practiced yoga for almost five years. I did it diligently and sequentially, devotedly twisting myself into pretzels, drawing bridges and striking swallow poses. I…

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